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ALL YOUR LIMERICKS ARE BELONG TO US [Feb. 8th, 2013|03:14 pm]
Bakka-Phoenix Books -- Canada's Oldest Science Fic


February 14th is coming up fast.  I myself prefer to celebrate the lesser-known holiday on the 15th (aka: Half-price Chocolate Day!), but for everyone else, it's time for our annual Singles Awareness Day contest.

At stake is a box of exquisite chocolates from Soma, a truly world-class* chocolatier.  To enter, send us a limerick on the subject of romance.  Successful or not; existing or imaginary; serious or funny: doesn't matter.  Email your entry to: contest/at bakkaphoenixbooks dot/com.  We'll choose and post the winner on February 13th. 

*also local; but their kitchen is not nut-free. If you have a serious allergy, this is not a good contest for you.  Unless you're giving the chocolate away, in which case I like the sea-salt caramels.  In case you were wondering.

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